The forest creaks and sways as the harsh winds blow against it. The sturdy pine trees covered with snow stand still, buried deep in the ground. There are no signs of any animals since they have all gone to sleep until spring arises. The birds have migrated away from here too but I mean, who can blame them right? It’s winter and everyone is inside their houses drinking hot chocolate while watching movies. The only one that’s out here smiling right now apart from Joe the caretaker is me.

 I’ve been here for approximately 15 minutes now but I’m going to make it quick because my time is running out. I am a snowman and the only time you can see me is in the winter when it snows. You must be wondering how I got stuck in the middle of the woods right? Well, a group of kids came out of nowhere, built me, took some pictures and left. I got bored and thus I am documenting my life, I don’t have much to do anyway. An average snowman lasts for about five hours before melting away into a giant puddle of water, stones and a carrot. We snowmen don’t really do much apart from smile. We don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we don’t do anything really and we are really low maintenance (but then again we are inanimate so it makes sense).

Even though I don’t get to be around for long, I really enjoy the fun people have building us and playing around in the snow. The kids who just built me for instance were having a great time building me. Building snowmen is one of the greatest and most time consuming winter activities. However it is definitely worth all the hard work because at the end you get a snowman like me! One thing all us snowmen want to do in our short lives is feel the Sun’s warmth, like Olaf in Frozen. That obviously won’t work but one can always dream right? There aren’t many adventures we go on since we are stationary but the view is quite nice from here.

Well that’s basically my autobiography. I was going to talk about just my life and that’s it but I ended up talking about a lot more things. My life is pretty short so I had to add a couple more things to make it sound more interesting. In case any of you were wondering about the life of a snowman, here it is. Alright, I’ll be signing off now because it looks like those kids are back with a scarf. Good day humans, see you next winter.

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