The Big Ballad Of wee Wee Tan

Here starts a dense story,
Of a great chicken's glory.

There once was a hen
Her name was Wee Tan
Her jokes were lame,
But her brain was a flame

Afterall, a hen with a joke
Is someone hard to provoke.
But, never never forget,
She was a very clever pet.

On a dark dark night,
Wee foresaw a stark plight
She saw her fearsome fate
On a plentiful plate.

“How?”,you ask in haste.
Through a black iron gate
She saw her glamorous mate ,
moved to a dangerous estate.
That place was a mystery,
all who entered were history
She now knew - the production,
Meant also the destruction,
Of her dear chickens!
The plot now thickens…

Wee wanted the world to change,
To be an open and free range.
The route was rough.
The path was tough.
But then Wee was clever.
She could tackle whatever.

Wee had an eggsellent plan,
She ordered her chicken clan
To march down the lane,
And give the men lotta pain

The fat factory head,
Giggled silly and said,
“This is our best day,
Our lives no more grey”

The chickens got there,
And Wee Tan said a prayer.
They clucked and pecked,
Until the men were decked

The press was called,
They were appalled
To see the wee, bold Wee
Lord over every employee

This event was a big story,
It went down in Chickstory.
Now, chickens are worshipped,
Cocks and hens no longer shipped.

If anyone asks us
To harm chickens,
Everyone refuses -
“What the Dickens!”

By, Ananya Arun, Grade 6, EJPN

Inspired by ‘Pig’ by Roal Dahl

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