Deep Dives with Shriram

Who Am I? #introduction

M.V. Shriram is my name;
I play football which is my favourite game.
I am very tidy and clean;
please don’t think to others I am mean.

I love games a lot,
Always stay happy is my thought.
I talk with people gently,
I am also strong mentally.

With a sandwich I like sauce,
with my friends, I don’t act like a boss.
I love my family and friends;
I know learning is the only thing that never ends.

Football – #Coolgame

Football is my favourite game,
because in football I can gain a big name.
In future if I become a footballer I would like to play for Barcelona,
I want to be a great footballer like Maradona.

My favourite footballers are Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi,
for a good vacation I would like to visit New Jersey.
In football it doesn’t matter if you are very rich and wealthy,
it matters about you being healthy.

I would first try to get selected in the Indian team,
and then I would like to go for other schemes.
When I become a famous footballer others would look at me and say “M V SHRIRAM PRAJWAL is his name,”
and “football is his passion and favourite game.”

Nature – #OurFuture

I want everybody to not destroy nature;
instead I want the world to be full of greenery in future.
I would like small children to not only play with toys and play stations,
but also plant trees and increase afforestation.

I want the Earth to be the best place in the whole space,
decreasing the amount of greenhouse gasses from destroying nature is a big case.
We should not only spend all of our time in playing and studies;
we should also spend time with nature who is our permanent buddy.

Due to pollution there is a large amount of greenhouse gasses releasing,
there are lot of people in the world who are coughing and sneezing.
The nature is getting destroyed like strong wind blowing,
so we all should contribute to save the world from polluting.

Friends for life – #Bestfriends

Best friends are those who always stick till the end;
they are like a straight line which will never bend.
Best friends are those who play with you from the heart,
they can never be drawn apart.

True friends are not those who are from your religion or caste,
true friends are those who will stay with you till the last.
Friends aren’t those who help you move a cart,
Friends are like the different colours which blend and form a beautiful art.

 India – #Beautifulsubcontinent

India is a land full of greenery;
there are many beaches here which have very good scenery.
India is a home to many rivers;
it is a great land which is cultivated by farmers.

As I come from the land of spices,
Indians are particularly good at handling crisis.
The protectors of India are the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force;
the borders of our country, they constantly reinforce.

India is a country which is independent,
for Asia, India is like a very expensive pendent.
Narendra Modi Ji is India’s prime minister;
India is a country which is well governed and administered.

In Hindi, we call the Indian Flag as Tiranga;
from the Himalayas flows the holy river Ganga.
You can see the Almighty being worshipped by all
either in temple, mosque, church or gurudwara.

Superstitions are not uncommon in this location;
you don’t want to break the laws of the Indian constitution!
A land filled with various beliefs, cultures and languages spoken,
to my country and to my people, I pledge my devotion.

News flash – #COVID 19

Covid 19 is a virus that kills people’s immunity;
we can beat this virus by staying at home and increase unity,
if the virus has affected you make sure you don’t go in the community.

Everyone is suffering from this virus,
Wearing a mask should be your only focus.

We need to stay at home and make ourselves immune,
small children will be happy as they can sit at home and watch cartoon.

We should be thankful to the doctors and nurses for their treatment;
they can’t live in their own house, neither on the floors nor in the basement.

All doctors and scientists are trying to find the vaccine;
all elders can sit at home and read a newspaper or magazine.We shouldn’t go out in public places even if we are very brave,
so I request all of you to stay home and stay safe.

By, Sriram Prajwal M.V, Grade 5, EJPN

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