2020, an important year for the world, one for the reason being- the beginning of a new decade and two- the onset of a worldwide pandemic – as defined by the world health organisation. Exactly 100 years from 2020, in the year 1920 a similar kind of event occurred where the disease of Spanish flu  caused by the  H1N1 influenza A virus, spread like  wildfire ;

It’s almost as if its a circle, no matter what timeline, similar events keep recurring giving a sense of deja vu, we always reach the starting point, although it might feel like it’s a first-time event for millions of youth- it simply is history repeating itself, billions of ancestors would have experienced the same exact thing that we are experiencing today and encountered familiar struggles.

Currently, masses across the globe are facing a historical event and not the good kind. It is excruciating to even think about how different people are missing out on some of the most important moments of their lives and are unable to celebrate with their loved ones.

It is difficult to say which generation is suffering the most, it may be the youth who can’t step foot in the first step of their life which would be the basis of their entire being  – nursery, or young adults who are missing out on the supposedly “fun years” and adventures that could have become future stories they reminisce when they miss being the age they are now or others.

From the point of view of a senior about to graduate high school, everything changed so quickly I didn’t get time to adjust, two minutes ago I was in 10th grade, celebrating the cancelling of board exams, and suddenly this wave of responsibility gushed over me as I near the age of 18, it is scary to think about how different of a person I’ve become, it was easier to connect and even socialise when I was younger, I would give up anything to experience the joy of being carefree and oblivious again.

By, Yukta Jhaveri, Grade 12, Ekya BTM

Posted by Ekya

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