Hello and welcome into the stationery world of Moti, the belan! Yep, I’m a rolling pin! Now, have you ever given it a thought – what are the different ways we use belans in our lives? No? Well, I’ve recently come to find out that I might actually be useful in many more ways than you would’ve ever anticipated me to be, let me show you how. Here comes Mrs. Malhotra, she seems to be thinking about what to make for breakfast today. I really hope it’s not rotis or parathas, I really don’t want to work today; and there goes my luck. This is Moti, reporting for duty! Although I must say, Mrs. Malhotra makes pretty tasty aloo parathas. Sometimes I wish I could be a human too. Alas, fate is what can’t be changed.

Oh, what do we have here? What a beautiful belan! I think I’m going to go up to her and ask if we can become friends- Wait, wait, wait! Someone’s picking me up! Looks like Mr. Malhotra just woke up for his morning brush. But what helps is a rolling pin when it comes to things outside the kitchen anyway, right? That’s where you’re wrong. Let’s see how. Mr. Malhotra puts the last of his toothpaste on the table and starts rolling me over it, aiming to place the last bit of his toothpaste on the toothbrush. “What a waste it would be to open a new pack of Colgate when we still have some left!” he exclaims. My word – ‘just another one of Mr. Malhotra’s money-saving techniques’. Finally, Mr. Malhotra grunts as he successfully rolls out that last ounce of remaining toothpaste onto his toothbrush. Phew, that was some hard work!

To guess my final use of today let me share with you, a quote; “Then Sister Aquinata abandoned the nonviolent methods and produced a rolling pin from somewhere” – Mary Robinette Kowal

 ‘Tick-tock’, I heard the time pass on its own. Romi, the Malhotras’ son had come back home from school, and guess what – He was getting a good scolding from his mother! ‘Why’, you ask? The teacher had called up the Malhotras and told them about Romi’s marks which were rather poor. Turns out, Romi had been lying to his parents that the results hadn’t come out yet. Nothing to be worried about, after a few scoldings and beatings here and there Romi was prone to get a good dinner as consolation, more like compensation. Mrs. Malhotra picked me up and lashed out at Romi. Romi started crying. But of course, they had Pizza for dinner! I smiled to myself thinking about the family I serve, although they might never really appreciate me. I try my best every day; and honestly, I think I have a pretty good life, don’t you think?

What do you think my next essay should be on? “Justice to belans”, perhaps. Well, I guess we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it! ~Moti, the belan

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