Let’s make it a Win-Win Year for all of Us!

Do you feel that the excitement observed at the start of your child’s academic year gradually declines? Do you feel that the energy displayed in the month of June is inversely proportional to the month of March?

Fret no further!

Here are a few steps to keep your energy consistent throughout the year:

Plan your priorities:

Where do you want to see your child grow this academic year?

Academics? Co-Curricular Activities? Accomplishing Public Speaking Skills?  Building a formal rapport with peers? Improvise Writing Skills? Read a certain number of books? Have a strong hold on vocabulary?

The key is to focus on one single act at a time. Sit along with your child to discuss and decide the goals for the year. Ensure that the decision is mutually beneficial.


How to begin?

Set a routine for both the parent and the pod. Fix one time and spot per week or on a biweekly basis to reflect on the steps taken to achieve the goal.

Plan B→Z:

Always have a Plan B. You can create multiple backup plans to achieve your goal. If you see a roadblock during the action phase, then switch to an easy, hassle-free route.

As Robert Frost quoted in his poem, Take a road less travelled by!

Reward yourself:

It is very important to acknowledge your efforts. Self-Appreciation doesn’t fall under selfish acts. Give yourself a pat on the back when you see clear visibility in your child’s performance.

Walk and Breathe:

Managing multiple acts can be overwhelming. Try a few walking and breathing exercises every once in a while to keep your mind fresh.

You can also listen to the audiobook- The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.

Have a fantabulous planning time!

All the best!

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