Learning is a life-long process, there is no end to it. A person who stops learning is equivalent to being dead.

My journey of eight months as an Educator at Ekya, J.P. Nagar has been a sweet and very educational one. There was something new that was learnt every day, that not only impacted me as an educator but as a person on the whole. I have always believed that the kind of people one surrounds themself with, defines the kind of person they are likely to become. And any person that surrounds themselves with the crowd like that of EJPN is likely to undergo a positive transformation. There are new things that we learn, unlearn and discover. At Ekya JP Nagar, every day is a new, exciting day.

In retrospect, my organizational skills have gotten better. At Ekya, the smallest of the details are planned with precision and not simply rendered unimportant. In order to be organized at such a level of precision, it requires one to stay committed to doing the best. With the regular learning audits and observations, I have always been motivated to do my best. I have understood that what I can do is way beyond my imagination. The feedback given to me was valuable and has been instrumental in helping me become a better teacher and provide my students with a wonderful learning experience.

Not all days are good days. I have experienced both highs and lows during my 8 months at Ekya. But the support and encouragement from the leadership team have helped me get over some of the hard days. The teachers in the leadership team set excellent examples for the rest of us to follow, learn from, and model out to the students. They help create a conducive environment for the rest of us to work in. They stay true to the word ‘Ekya’ by creating an inclusive environment for all of us – One never feels left out.

At Ekya, you not only become a better teacher, but also a better person. Some of the practices followed at Ekya, for example – beginning the day with good things, grounding activities, SEE learning has made me a better person. I have become more mindful of my surroundings and the people around me. I am able to navigate through my emotions in a better way and stay positive.

My journey so far has been full of learning and transforming into a better person. Looking forward to many more exciting days, full of learning, at Ekya.

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