Herbert Spencer once said that “The greatest aim of education is not knowledge but action” and to me, independent education is one that enables us to bring our potential to light and drives us to take that action. Our education systems have been designed on an instruction-based school life to suit the needs of the occupations that existed years ago. But today, the world has about 5 billion occupations and it is almost impractical to align ourselves with a process of learning that is common to all. Our education systems cannot be a measure of memorising and retaining with heavy importance towards a mere figure of marks. Learning isn’t memorising for a test and forgetting about it later. Every concept learnt at school should be an asset and embed within us as we grow. With the rate at which the world is changing today, we can never predict what the future will be but we can prepare for it and that’s what India can achieve with the help of independent education. That is what will succour us to be remarkable individuals who are lifted off a large scale of comparison and mainstream teaching methodology.

Our country is working so hard each day to provide the right education facilities to our vast population but apart from infrastructure, we need to respect the occupation of teachers with considerable measures so that the quality of teaching in government schools is enhanced. The idea of lecturing does not appeal to modern ways of teaching because education should mean interaction and not losing focus halfway through hours long of lecturing. Technology is going to be with us all the way and as students, I believe that instead of being able to say the periodic table by heart, we should be taught filing taxes, self-awareness, how to appear in job interviews, career awareness, and most of all-working smarter than working harder. This will help us ensure that our ‘educated’ population is able to meet the expectations of skills required in our future careers.

Are we all still stuck in 2020 and don’t realise that 2022 is just five months away? Well, so much changed in just so little time- The green chalkboards have become slides and my classroom is now my bedroom! I would say that education has transformed so much in the past year and it’s time for online learning to shine. The amount of classes it takes to learn a chapter at an online school is half the number of classes we’d have at an offline school with the help of new learning tools and techniques. And from my experience of online school I’ve begun to believe that it has shown us so many new ways and methods of learning that when we get back to regular classes, everything is bound to change (even if it’s just a little bit). We found new ways to socialise and connect, study and teach that we can save so much of our time. It’s affordable and everything is just a button away. However, at these times it is crucial for students to be educated about cybercrime and security. At times sitting for hours in front of the screen has adverse health effects on many students and they must be encouraged to get out there and stay fit. Educational institutions must take measures to limit screen time with proper planning and involve students in various activities. Socialising and communicating on video calls have been difficult for many students. Many who cannot afford to buy phones and laptops have had a tough time coping up with these classes. Online classes earn my huge respect for all teachers who are making an effort to make classes enjoyable. It takes a while to get comfortable with everything but once you’re in the place you’ll be able to see the sunshine through the storm. Students today have so much time to take up internships involving social work, research, social media management and do remote courses that educate them on subjects crucial to their careers. I’d like to tell each and every student that life is going to throw so many challenges at us but it’s about how we perceive them and what we make of it that counts. Happy learning!

By, Anvita Grade 11 Ekya ITPL

Posted by Ekya

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