Have you ever wondered why people march on the roads and say” don’t cut trees! don’t use plastic…”? Well these people are protesting about saving the environment, it’s something they care highly about and they are right, we must not use plastic or at least a certain type of plastic, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

There is an invisible dome in the atmosphere called the Ozone layer. This dome is like a banket on the Earth, only this blanket doesn’t make the Earth feel warm, it makes sure that very little of the sun’s powerful rays hits the Earth and that heat is more than enough for us. But in recent events, the heat from factories, the burning of fossil fuels, etc, are creating holes in the Ozone layer, this process is called Global Warming. Global Warming is one of the many factors creating climate change. Now, what is Climate Change? climate change’s name actually defines what it means, it is the rise in average temperature on Earth, or in simpler words, it is when the temperature becomes higher and… changes. This may not seem like the worst situation at the moment (considering the COVID-19 situation) It was a very serious situation but …Let me tell you a very short story.

Once Upon a time Earth found that humans were creating a Dustbin out of her, they were throwing their trash out on the roads and were making the seas and oceans very dirty, there was also too much pollution in the air, one day after so much toleration the Earth whispered to the humans ‘please don’t dirty the earth, your future depends on it ‘.

But the humans were too busy in their own business that they did not hear what she had to say, after a few years Earth decided to give it another shot she said a little bit louder than the last time ‘please don’t dirty the earth, your future depends on it’. But the humans were still too busy in their own business that they did not hear what she said. after another 3 years earth decided to give it a last chance, if the humans did not listen this time, she would bring something bad to their lives. She shouted loudly ‘Please don’t dirty the earth your future depends on it!’.

But the humans were too ignorant to see it, very few people heard it and even those people had no power to do anything. ’Nobody heard it’. she decided so she got ready. she got ready for 3 years and finally it was ready she had created a fool proof plan and hoped this would work. She created a new virus called COVID-19. She put it in China and blamed it on them(mostly not because people believe that they got it by eating insects and things ,and those things are all part of mother nature). While everybody was in lockdown and quarantine, she helped all the plants trees etc.to heal themselves. But by the time the vaccine of the COVID-19 comes out everything will be bad again there will still be pollution smoke and burning of fossil fuels, now that everybody is going out and travelling again. Ice is melting! Seas are rising! Earth is overheated! 

I am Earth, 
I am your home
But you destroy
My skin and bone
But I forgive
And I forget
I let you live
But I regret.
Do you realise 
I am your only hope
So don't stand around an mope
I need saving,
It's up to you,
This is what you need to do
no more plastic,
no more waste,
because I am fading at a fast pace
I need love,
I need care,
because you are polluting my air.

Humans have done so bad in the test of life, yet we don’t feel guilty. Animals are about lose their homes and pay for our doings. This is not right.
Help me, help all the people who care for Earth save our homeland.
Please scroll do Thank you!!

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