A safe space to learn and to teach, to guide and to grow, to mentor and be mentored; my longing to join Ekya School radiates with a healing desire to become a better teacher and, subsequently, a better person.

When everything else is faded and dull in my life, the comforting memories of my childhood keep me going. The reality that I will be a part of this comforting childhood phase for many students draws me to this profession. I would like to be remembered in their fond nostalgia and as one of the stepping stones in their successful career.

I aspire to teach and nurture my students with essential skills like empathy, effective communication and self-reflection in a safe, interactive learning environment.

I hope to brace and embrace all the ups and downs in the journey.

Looking forward to my first batch of learners and thinkers,


Ms Disha Dassani

Educator, Ekya NICE Road.

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