You know how you go for a test but all the questions are out of the syllabus? That’s what happened on father’s day, but with a lot of dad jokes, love, and sportsman’s spirit, we were able to save it. Due to the heavy rains on the previous night, the scheduled basketball match didn’t take place, instead, it was replaced by a very interesting badminton match between multiple father-child pairs. Mark the date folks, we saw emerging Olympic players in Ekya ITPL on Saturday 18th June. Not only did we witness this beautiful bond between a father and his children but also the deep friendships students at ekya cultivate, Sashwat Srirangembar was right there passionately supporting his friend from the audience stands with loud cheers and thunders of claps to lift his spirits.

After a series of enticing matches, we were down to our final six pairs, for the qualifiers. Let me tell you, as a spectator I was on my toes. The Sarda’s kept hitting smash shots that were undefeatable, and the unforgettable Mr.Roy quickly became a fan favorite with the way he pumped energy into the crowd. Unfortunately, not everyone can win the medal. We saw an intense, nail-biting, edge-of-our-seats match between Roys and Sardis for our finals. The Roy family won with a smashing 7 – 3 beating the Sardis and taking the coveted first place, but I can confidently say everyone was a winner in our hearts.

Pre Primary-  FATHER’S DAY 

On Saturday 18th of June Ekya School ITPL saw a downpour of joy, love, and heartwarming moments. Though I saw him in the morning before leaving for school, everything about the event made me want to hug my father. To begin with, all the fathers were given a beautiful goodie bag dedicated to them by their children, followed by a photo booth where we witnessed gorgeous moments. To get the crowds energized, our wonderful hosts Rudra Ajay (12E) and Avinash V (12A) along with the teachers, lead them through a refreshing chicken dance. After this, we had a lineup of fun activities such as a bean bag race, pasta string necklace race, and a ring-rod race. After these fun races, our beloved hosts asked the kids and the fathers to talk about each other. We got some of the cutest responses, but a moment to note would be when a boy thought it necessary to stop the hosts from continuing just to tell his father that he loved him. Later, the families jammed to some tunes for a game of dance and freeze where they were busting out some of the most incredible dance moves seen till day. Lastly, I’d like to point out that some of these duos sported matching t-shirts, and flaunted them as they should. We ended the event with some tasty treats and comforting conversations.

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