The media controls what we think!  

Hi everyone. This is Manvi from Grade 7B. Today I will be stating my opinion about media-controlling – how and what we think. 

In his dystopian novel, ‘1984’ author George Orwell brings in a phrase called 2+2=5 which was meant to convey that people of the fictional superstate of Oceania were supposed to believe what the state tells them to believe- without any questioning or fact-checking. Independent and intelligent thinking was a crime in Oceania.

Cut to present-day media outlets around the world pander to ruling dispositions, whether it’s the US, India to a larger extent, China. Fake news and state-sponsored propaganda is brazenly peddled in the name of genuine news through a multitude of barely monitored channels like WhatsApp, social networking sites, blogs, etc.,

So how do we prevent this mind control- it’s simple really- verify and fact check on independent media sites, use your logic and reasoning, and above all do not blindly believe all that you see and read.

During the Second World War, there were only radios and newspapers to deliver news to the people. This not only meant fewer channels for the state to control people through but also almost zero channels for people to verify that news. Today, even though there are a multitude of channels for news delivery it is also much easier to verify if that news is authentic. We are doing a great disservice both to ourselves and to society if we do not verify the news as any conscientious citizen should.

Mind control is real and is happening, whether it’s voting for a certain party or drinking a certain beverage because the media tells you they are better. But perhaps the area impacted the most was journalism.

Let’s all observe a minute’s silence to condole the death of objective and unbiased reporting.

Thank you all for patiently reading my opinion and views on the topic of the media-controlling our mind, fake and biased news.

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