“The benefits of the visual arts are lifelong. Visual art does not have boundaries. It enables people to play with materials, to express their thinking, to problem solve and make sense of emotions,” Dr Lindsay said.

In line with the quote above I strongly believe that “sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge”. Teaching was never a dream or a wish for me! It all started when I volunteered to facilitate artwork among students, and in that process, I learned a lot. The opportunities gave a whole new perspective to the world of art. I realized that working with students is fun and gives immense joy. Their creative ideas and activities are so spectacular that it always paves the way to learn and discover more.

Visual art helps in the holistic development of a child and it makes them resilient, it is great for problem-solving and understanding the world. It helps us develop our creativity across every aspect of our lives.”

Whenever we attempt to teach something to someone in the process we also learn, to cite an example while handling the stitching activity I have learnt a lot as this subject was very new to me and the patterns presented by the students after the introduction class helped me learn the innovations of this subject and paved way for me to learn something new and that is the beauty of teaching especially the young minds like these.

Visual art is the best way to bring out the imaginary world within. It is a wonderful platform for the students to try their hands on different media and to think out of the box to create more new and unique artworks that they enjoy.

In the visual art classes, students develop a sense of teamwork and also connect with their emotions. The way students understand and the collaboration of sharing knowledge and working together is always fun, relaxing, and more creative, which means learning and enjoying Visual arts. My student Anagha always comes up with very new and innovative art tools and always ensures to share the usage of this with all the students. Also, Akhil is very good with pencil shading and shares his knowledge with his classmates. One way to learn visual arts is to experience them. My classes both offline and online have been pleasant and have been very knowledgeable too. It is a very good opportunity to learn and teach new skills. A few topics covered in this programme like paper weaving, stitching, etc develop the students’ creative skills. The students are thrilled to attend the classes and I always can vouch to say that the curriculum is designed in such a way that it allows students to go and explore various options easily after attending the VA class. The activities are very well planned and involve students’ active participation especially the stitching & paper weaving attracted full attendance.

The lockdown due to the pandemic in certain ways became a blessing in disguise – On one hand, we all had to go through a lot of difficulties as compared to our earlier days and routines. But, on the other hand, it helped us take our creative side to the next level. This was possible with the use of digital media. Working with digital media was new for many of us. And, this led to devoting time more productively towards learning new skills for teaching and accommodating all students across campuses. To talk about this in detail while running the clubs offline my knowledge was harnessed only to the students on our campus but thanks to the online classes which helped me teach & communicate with the students from the other campuses too. This would not have been possible otherwise.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that as Visual Art facilitators we are helping students develop emotional, social, and mental skills to interact with the real world efficiently. Art and craft are an excellent way to increment a young child’s ability to problem-solve and analyze in myriad ways. With every stroke of a paintbrush, kids are improving their motor skills. Teaching visual arts to young students has taught me many things and new skills and has always been fun & enjoyable. Looking forward to teaching and learning.

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