Initially, the thought of attending classes with ITPL scared me and I did not appreciate it. As a student in Ekya Byrathi, I was already accustomed to having few students in my class. One thing I was sure of is that when the number of students is relatively less, we can interact with each other and understand our concepts better. Moreover, I always felt like teachers are our mentors, guides, and our friends whereas in a large group of students I might not feel the same. That is what made me very apprehensive of the implementation of these combined classes.
All my thoughts changed when I started attending the classes with ITPL students. It is much more fun and involves a lot of interaction, discussions, and sharing with other students. This has helped me improve my thinking skills and my overall outlook as well. Group activities are a lot more fun now as there are students who are quite well versed and well-read and their ideas are shared.
It is truly amazing to see students of my age coming up with many ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.
It is also true that in the combined classes your chances of being chosen to answer a question is not frequent because there are many students in a class. Over and above, it is not possible to make many friends because we are not interacting with each other in the online classes.
Offline classes were the best as we could make friends. When there were offline classes before Covid, Aaliya and Charvi had a good friendship. Whereas Prisha, Shlok, Ribhav, and Raqhib are new and we did not meet each other physically. That’s the reason we don’t know about each other yet.
This new change of having classes with other students of EKYA has taught me that you can see the same thing but have different perspectives and that we should learn to appreciate and respect others’ opinions and thoughts. It has also enhanced my interactive skills and allowed me to express myself in a group with confidence. I would be willing to go to combined classes offline too.
Everything has advantages and disadvantages. But the idea of making this possible has improved my involvement, sense of responsibility in and out of class, and my zeal to complete my work on time. So I truly believe that these combined classes should continue even in the offline setup.

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