Hello, I am Jay Gupta from Grade 4B at Ekya School, ITPL.  I was bored during the lockdown for two months as I could not go out to play. I spent my time playing different indoor games like Carrom, Monopoly, Cluedo, etc. with family.
When I met my friends in the month of May, we were bored of playing the same games again and we decided to create our own monopoly board game. My friend Utkarsh from Grade 5, was missing cricket and I was missing football. I love playing Football and miss my classes at the academy.
I decided to create and design my own Football monopoly. My sister studying in Grade 8, helped me to measure and cut the cardboard and stick the paper and I made lines with a thin marker and did the painting and writing. I made property cards by doing a google search on the football stadiums in different countries and painted each card according to the property mentioned on the board.
It took me 20 days to think and make my own board game and I enjoyed making it. I named it as “M.O.N.O.P.O.L.Y. Football Edition”.
I played my football board game with my mother and she just loved it.

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