Did you know that there are over 400 billion Lego bricks in the world? My mother says I must have at least 10 million of those, looking at the clutter in my room!

My parents told me that my first word was “ka”, meaning “car” and that’s the start of my love for automobiles. I got my first Lego set when I was 6 months old, and started building many things with it. But what I built most of all were vehicles.

Since then, Lego and studying automobiles became my hobby. I have created trucks, boats, cars, cable cars, trains, submarines, planes, helicopters, hovercrafts, and more! I have even made animation films about my Lego creations. Now, I make better, more advanced, motorized, and programmable Lego models.

I like cars because I find the inner workings, how cars work, extremely interesting. I like watching classic car shows on TV. I understand them all because of Lego, which helps me with technical concepts I might not understand. Car shows also give me the opportunity to find some details in a real-world car that I can add to my Lego models. The history of cars is interesting, as well as the future. I can’t wait to see what automobile companies will think of next!

I like following the instructions of the Lego set as well as making my own inventions. Sometimes, when I make something with Lego before I start, I browse the web to see if I can find any images or useful information to follow. I see how others have done it, gather tips, and then make my own version of it.

During this lockdown, Lego has helped me learn to code. It has taught me about proportions when deciding the sizes of models that I make. Lego helps me concentrate and clear my mind of bad things, and instead fill it up with ideas of different engineering marvels I can make. Lego helps me with physics, engineering, and how things work – all this is perfect because I want to become an engineer when I grow up.

By, Ishan Thomas 4C Ekya BTM

Posted by Ekya

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