By Medha N, 5 C, Ekya ITPL

My Goa Vacation

Last year I went to Goa with my family. We stayed at the Taj Holiday resort. The hotel was amazing and there were little houses scattered around which people stayed in. There were little buggies (They kind of look like golf cars) which took people and bags around. There were multiple restaurants and all had really delicious food. MY personal favorite is the olive pizza; who doesn’t like pizza? That visit we discovered a tree swing, it kind of looked like the picture below but the tree was a lot bigger and older and the tree was a different kind of tree though I am not sure which type. It was fun swinging and swinging until it was time to go to the beach. Luckily there was easy access from our hotel to a part of a beach where there were not many people. There were a lot of shells on the beach and you could only find them when the tide was low. The beach was amazing. The only part which I don’t like about the beach is that the sand gets stuck to your clothes and toes and when you reach inside your room it gets everywhere.

Anyway the next day we went to Fort Aguada. It is an old fort transformed into a hotel and it is right next to where we were staying. I was really thrilled and when I got to know that we get to use a private entrance I was bouncing off the walls. The hotel was really beautiful and interesting. When we looked down into the ocean water near the fort we could see yellow, red, and blue stones in the ocean water near the fort. The stones made the water look superb. When it was time to go back to our hotel room I didn’t want to leave. We stayed at the beach until sunset and we could see the sunset off onto the horizon glowing orange and a little bit red. It really was the best vacation ever. 

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