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With bated breath, I was awaiting the fresh and vivacious day to bring some peace to my restless self. I felt a ripple of excitement at the thought of the very first day of my new school. I had only spoken to my classmates online for one year. The first day of offline school in an unknown place that I had never seen, was truly making me nervous and apprehensive.

My expectations from offline school were plenty. I was looking forward to a better learning experience, not just academically but socially as well. Online classes were really tiresome and not as productive as an offline class could be. Offline classes provided so many opportunities like lab classes, physical and co-curricular activities.

People usually are taken aback when they take a bite of the sandwich of reality but fortunately that was not the case with me. I must admit that my school measured up to my expectations and that the accolades that my friends had expressed regarding the school were completely real.

On my first day of school, we were taken to the science lab.I silently heaved and peered all around the place. Who would want to miss such a mesmerizing experience?

After the lab session, I was quite optimistic about the rest of the day. I was fervently waiting for the recess to break the ice and start a conversation with my new acquaintances.

The offline school was something that I was persistently looking forward to, but it’s well said: “the grass is greener on the other side”. Something similar happened to me. After attending classes in the comfort of my home I was so unaccustomed to moving around and donning the uniform along with an asphyxiating mask for long hours. To be honest I felt suffocated and throttled by that innocent-looking skirt.

Nevertheless, I got adjusted to it in a few hours and found myself enjoying coding in the computer lab. This lab was not as large as the science lab, however, it had an impressively large range of computers. The transparency of the glass panes allowed the luminous light to light up the whole room and it was oddly comforting. Though I faced a lot of problems in coding during online classes, offline classes made me a better coder. My teacher kept guiding me and eventually I too found myself engrossed in coding.

The day was definitely tiring but gave me such beautiful experiences which when revived made me feel eager and comfortable in my awesome new school. After all, who would want a tedious online class, when such a refreshing and fascinating offline class was an option?

-Prerana Moolchandani, Grade 9A, Ekya JP Nagar

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