A Note from a Notebook

I don’t like to interrupt people, but as I see, you just got attracted to my autobiography. I know the name of my autobiography looks just like another exciting short story, but let me assure you that you are in for a surprise.  Many readers might be grumbling right now about my story, but some are still reading. I am a notebook.

 My owner is a girl but I am a boy. I don’t have any name so you can refer to me as a diary\notebook throughout my tale. My owner’s name is Veena [I know it because she wrote it in big letters in front of me] and she writes her heart out in me [ probably because she thinks I am a girl or I am lifeless]. I try hard to cope with all her secrets she writes to me like, ‘Today I fought with my BFF’s and I am totally scared of her now because she is the most popular girl in whole 6th grade. Really…. can you cope with this! 

I am calming down now. I am going to start my story now. I don’t know where I was made but I was made in some factory. All I can remember is being in a shop with other notebooks like me and we talked so much about our factories and wondered who would buy us. Then Veena bought me when she came to the shop with her mother.  She said, “Amma, I want a diary. Please can you get me one?” and her mother said, “Here, take the money and buy one from that shop.”  pointing at the shop where I was. So, she came in, chose and bought me. Some of you are thinking that my story ends here, but it doesn’t end right here. 

After she bought me and took me home, I got my first glimpse of her house. It was full of home décor and fairy lights. Her room was very neat [ and full of knick-knacks].  She kept me on a shelf [which was full of other kinds of used diaries] on her desk and when she wants to write she takes me out. Sometimes at night, she can’t sleep so she goes to her desk, pulls me out, and starts writing about her sorrows. I  know that you are getting quite curious about her entries now so I will show you one of her entries. Look down and you will see it.

Dear Diary,
Today was my first afterschool class. I am learning chess. It’s very confusing and I took some time understanding it. Our teacher was very kind so when I finally understood it, he was very happy. I am starting to like the class and I made a friend in the class. Even though chess class was fun, my day at school was very rough. I have lost my Bff [best friend forever] and I am very nervous now because she is the most popular girl in our class. She may turn against me, if she does then I will be teased every day by the other girls.

See what I mean, I am overloaded with top secrets. One day she took me to her school. There I meet her Bff, [ the person who she fought with] her Bff was the most popular girl in her class. When she was holding me and talking to her Bff the other girls crowded around us and some of them were interrupting her to talk to her Bff.  Anyway, I am almost finished with my story because I am going to retire tomorrow. If you want to know why I can tell you. It’s because I have only one more page left in me. The entry I showed you now is the one she made today. If she makes another entry I will be finished and I will retire… so goodbye! 

Goodbye, again and thank you for listening to me.

By, Ojasvini Ghosh, Grade 5, EJPN

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