Alone in a crowd

Yet another sting travelled down my skin as the little wind left tried to caress it. Flies buzzing through every little inch of the rotten icing. My own little world, shrinking; minute by minute, boiling down to absolutely nothing. Maneuvering midst the amplitudes of the multiple voices circling around my head, somehow still drowning in the extensive sea of commotion. My soul, trapped between inconspicuous fences much like Schrödinger’s cat; with no escape. Isolated, stood my mind despite the clattering of the millions of feet, begging to voice out their opinions. Diverse emotions: panic, rage, frustration, delight, joy, hopping off and onto each being. Thoughts evaporating out of my compact skull obliviating into thin air as still, I sat there, alone. Almost as if there was an invisible shield around me making everything drift further apart from me. Getting rid of the maze of my reflection to keep me company. Loneliness initiated it’s way back to me. Still, I sat there. 

Knee deep in clouds of mellow whispers assorted with laughs and giggles. A small silhouette toppled towards me, taking up the last seven inches of the squeaky, broken bench made of soaked wood. From making not a single sound, to gently whispering a barely audible ‘‘hi’’, as I blinked the faint figure away. It was funny how my brain created the most wondrous things at the most unnecessary times, kind of like having its own mechanism of eradicating traces of agony from the feeling of abandonment. ‘You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonelier than you would when you’re actually alone,’ the words outlined my head as, still, I sat there. Alone in a crowd, hoping she would come back today if not yesterday or the day before that.

Remembering me and the small basket of vegetables we’d picked out for Friday night’s supper; although we might’ve needed some more tomatoes, with time, these ones went bad.

By, Sanika Chakravarthy, Grade 10 – IGCSE, Ekya School, JP Nagar

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