On the 28th of November, we hosted Day 2 of the Career Camp, following a very successful session of “Meet the University”, on Day 1. The theme of this Career Camp was 21st Century Careers, and it consisted of people from various careers in Science, Commerce, and Humanities. I was asked to help moderate the session of Dr. Mohit Sehgal, a research scientist in Cell and Gene Therapy. The session started off with a bang, as Dr. Sehgal started discussing his current project, CAR-T cell therapy, a technique used to treat certain blood cancers, and it is being studied in the treatment of other cancers. CAR-T cell therapy is a type of treatment in which a patient’s T cells (a type of immune cell) are changed in the laboratory so they will bind to cancer cells and kill them.
After that, Dr. Sehgal talked about his education and journey from the University of Rajasthan to the Wistar Institute in the USA. Finally, he took questions from the audience. It was a very interactive session, with the audience asking many questions, and Dr. Sehgal giving detailed responses to each of them.

By Aryan Dalmia, 
Grade 10A, Ekya JPN

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