Ekya School Byrathi hosted its first Inter-School Swim Meet. Students from CMR National Public School, CMRNPUC ITPL and HRBR Layout, and all campuses of Ekya School participated in the Swim Meet. Swimmers excellently displayed their sportsmanship. 

The winners from Ekya School ITPL:

  1. U-10- 25 METRES- Freestyle – Thanya Prasad – 3rd position
  2. U-10- 50 meters Freestyle- Thanya Prasad- 3rd Place
  3. U-12- Backstroke- Ishan Roy- 1st position
  4. U-12 50 metres Freestyle – Srijani- 3rd place
  5. U-14 girls – 25 meters Backstroke- Aadya 1st position,  Reya Midha- 2position
  6. U-14  Boys- 25 meters Backstroke – Viraj – 2nd Place, Aditya Kurup – 3rd place
  7. U-17 girls- 25 meters Back Stroke – Aadhya – 3rd place
  8. U-17 Boys- 25 meters BackStroke AND Butterfly- Deepan Roy – 2nd Position
  9. U-17 Boys- 100 meters Freestyle – Deepan Roy- 1st Position,  Manav Agarwal – 3rd Place 



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