Charity or social activities require two basic qualities – empathy and self-drive. I have been extremely fortunate that I am able to explore these values because of my parents and the holistic educational experience at Ekya School.

When I began my contribution to the campaign to raise funds to feed the marginalized children and their families caught in the coronavirus crisis, I had no idea of efforts involved because of lockdown. But I could overcome all my doubts as the cause for fundraising is overwhelmingly noble and the educational values. 

My school is responsible in more ways than apparent, for my positive and open mind outlook. We are given not just knowledge but values that make us better human beings. Ekya is about character building and that is going to help me in my growth as Richa.

I have been able to exceed my target, many a time in few days of embarking on this journey due to self-drive, and collective strategies devised by my school mates, who are in the fundraising team. 

My initial target amount was modest Rs 15,000. Once this was achieved, I raised it to Rs 40,000 and then to Rs 70,000. Now, even the target of Rs one lakh seems easy as I have been able to raise Rs 1, 18, 627 with the support of well-meaning people. 

It has been an immensely satisfying learning and experience. Thank you Ekya.

By Richa Thyagarajan


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