Making it a part of themselves

Every year we have workshops and sessions to prepare us for the new academic year and a lot of stress on following the child, setting routines, classroom management, and this is my 4th year in Ekya, and this year we had some extra sessions to prepare us for the uncertainty. 

There were sufficient sessions from the professional development team, curriculum team, school leadership team to prepare us for the virtual sessions(mentally, emotionally, using technology. But still, somewhere I had these questions. 

 How can I keep the children attentive? They’re so young, will online teaching even be effective for them? How can I ensure effectiveness?

Finally, when I was waiting in my meeting room and all my students logged in, to my surprise they were so calm, seated in their places and waiting for me to talk and at that moment I realized why our school gives so much importance to the basic tools (Classroom management tools). It was effortless to implement the same in virtual classes.

From there I took over the session with confidence and it reflected in my students too.

It did not really take a great effort for me to change from classroom-based learning to a more remote situation. I think we have done quite a good job of going online this fast, but I really miss meeting the students in the classroom every day.



(Ekya Early Years-BTM)

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