The Love to Read program at Ekya Schools aims to inculcate a love for books in our students. In addition to book swaps, in-class libraries, school digital library and book exhibitions, the program also includes the Reading Week, with which our students enhance their vocabulary, thinking and comprehension skills.

Starting off on 13th December, the Reading Week was observed at our BTM Layout campus until the 19th of the month. With books spreading across the various genres of literature, each and every one of our students brought with them their favourite titles to read.

The long 10 A.M school bell served as the cue for getting started with our children glued to their paperbacks, encouraged to be engrossed in their books even during an active class.

With the objective of promoting the habit of reading among the students, the Reading week is categorized into many activities, like:

  • DROP- Drop Everything And Read
  • Book review(on the book that they read)
  • Roleplay (Enact their favourite protagonist or antagonist)
  • Bookmark making
  • Character sketch
  • Critical analysis of the book/author/character
  • Skit
  • Cover page design

Thrilled to participate in all these activities, our students exercised their freedom to express their opinions and thoughts, without any restriction.

As the Reading Week concluded, students took out their worksheets to put down their reviews of the respective books they had completed.

Students put up a short skit that narrates the classic of “Hare and the Tortoise.”

Our teachers were delighted to see so many of their children, breaking away from their hesitation and fear, to come forward and present their views on the books they read. By the end of the Reading Week, our students were well on their way to become voracious readers.

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