The aura is full of happiness, the breeze is full of colours, people are laden with colourful clothes and the boxes are full of sweets. Kids are thronging to fly kites, neighbours are rushing to cut others kite, with fun all the way. Evenings are blessed with bonfires and families are dancing around and serving Ellu (sesame seeds) preparations. Aren’t these spirits so joyous? That’s the elation that Makar Shankrathi festival offers.

This harvest festival is celebrated throughout the country with great pomp. It is celebrated to thank Lord Surya or the sun god for providing the energy to grow crops, on which the livelihood of farmers depends.

Our pre-primary children came dressed in traditional dresses and exhibited joy and pride as they filled the school with the cultural aura. Teachers shared many interesting facts about the festival and children were also shown some educational videos on Makar Sankranthi. It was truly a joyous occasion that was well enjoyed by both the teachers and the students.

Posted by Lakshmi Umesh

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