Dear Teacher at Ekya,

You are the anchor of the ship

Caught in a current – not letting it slip

You are the sail which doesn’t fail

Come storm, hurricane or hail.

You always wear a beautiful smile

Even if the situation is hostile

Your patience is unfathomable

And your grace, unimaginable

You put up with everything your students show

Without a wrinkle on your brow

You never give up on the naughtiest child

You are his friend, philosopher and guide

Your students will never forget you

For all the struggles they have taken you through

You are a true Superhero

Without you we’d be at Ground zero

Thank you for being there

For every child under your care

We love you for what you are and what you do.

I just can’t imagine

What we would have done without you!


Ms.  Sreepriya Unnikrishnan

Academic Coordinator, Ekya JP Nagar

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