Playing the piano

When I first got you,

I was overwhelmed with joy.

Now you are just standing there,

Collecting dust like a toy.

One day I walk up to you,

And pull out your covers.

Realising you were part of my life,

That we were stuck to each other like lovers.

That day, I switch you on

And your eyes flicker open.

With one touch, you make a loud noise,

And I see you come back to life.

A few little notes of yours,

Is like you sing me a song.

My eyes close and my tears roll down;

That I left you untouched for so long

Now that I have you back,

I will never leave you alone.

Never will those dusty covers

Be your true home.

By Niranjana Arun, Grade 6A

Ekya School, JP Nagar


Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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