In any field of study, there is always the need for interest, zeal, and motivation. That’s what keeps the thirst for knowledge moving forward. As educators ourselves, we are challenged with the task of sprinkling the dust of curiosity onto the eager minds that walk into our classrooms.

How can we induce this magic if we do not possess it? And if we do happen to procure it, would it not be better spent at the hands of a master over the novice?

Passion brings enthusiasm and with it, a driving force—a higher purpose, a sacred agenda, and a lot of great intentions. Anyone who’s got it has learned its secret. There’s no stopping someone dedicated to serving their divine life purpose. When they finally meet their match and find their place on this land, the growth is simply no longer in question.

The “passionate” often become the “experienced”, creating a better world than before. They are two important stages in the journey of life, especially for an educator, and must go together to achieve splendor. It’s what makes us work hard in this endeavor before we leave the world in the hands of our future.


Lekha Gopi,

Ekya Schools, ITPL

Posted by itplccacoordinator

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