With the city going into its most recent lockdown, our ever-curious children are now feeling the impact of prolonged quarantine.  They have been remarkable in their adaptability, be it online classes or not being able to meet their friends as often as before.
Our Wellbeing Team consists of counselors Ms. Anushree, Ms. Priya, and Ms. Anika. They conducted workshops to support the parent community by sharing some strategies through “Islands of love: Coping during quarantine” to help improve the morale and mental well being of our student family.
The sessions were in 3 parts – addressing our Pre-primary and Primary parents, followed by Middle school, and lastly our parents from Senior school. Parents were given insight on what to expect for each age group, along with signs to look out for.  As the title implies – the aim of the session was to create safe spaces or islands of love at a time that was full of uncertainty. The importance of communicating with our children, using love languages to let them know they are cherished and wanted was addressed.
A.S.K – Acknowledge fears, feelings, and worries, hold Space for thoughts and worries – irrespective of positive or negative and Keep calm – our children model our behavior – strategies were shared on how to handle the many changes that are being handled by the students and caregivers. The session concluded by emphasizing on the importance of our children’s mental and physical wellbeing and the availability of the counselors to help with the same

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