Life during the Coronavirus pandemic has induced a family cocoon. We as parents have adapted to this new change as a more inclusive, collaborative parenting style. This style helped me take into account my son’s voice, commensurate with his developmental stage, and the whole how we as a family conducts itself.

As collaborative parents, we work by the notion that the rules that govern family life also apply to them. For instance, limits applied to kids’ digital device use also apply to parents. We lead by example and don’t believe in preaching This style of leadership encourages respectful behavior at every opportunity and nurtures strong family bonds.

We encourage our son, Nivaan to participate and give his best in all the activities on Schoology without any expectations of winning or losing the event. We are obliged to all teachers at Ekya for their efforts in crafting weekly editions of competitions and learning programs through Community Connect, Book nook, etc. By nature, our son is self-motivated and takes equal interest in all activities of the school.

He loves to participate and plans his own output for a particular activity and puts forward his effort by keeping his creative juices flowing and we as parents equally enjoy being part of this learning journey helping him step up as and when required.


During these tough times, we as a family have realized how important a role each one of us plays to create more connection and positive communication within our family by overcoming unexpected challenges, fears, and frustrations. Ekya School truly resonates with our thoughts and beautifully brings into action a perfect blend of the learning experience and fun through their curriculum design and delivery using an online platform.


Padmini Veeranki

(Parent – Nivaan Haluvaagilu, Grade 1C, Ekya School JP Nagar)

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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