The lockdown and the announcement of online classes could not have been anticipated. As parents, we had a hard time getting used to the idea in the beginning. But the actual experience has been nothing but positive for us. My daughters really enjoy the class and the format it is presented in. 

The younger kids have been introduced into the online curriculum with a lot of planning and the classes have been introduced in phases, gradually increasing the time spent online. All the sessions, assignments & the class notes that follow each chapter were detailed and helpful. In addition to the classes themselves, a lot of activities have been planned for supporting emotional well-being, skill development, and encouragement of an attitude of gratitude in kids. 

Though not without hiccups, it was very reassuring to see the teachers and management keep an open dialogue with us parents and are quick to iron out any challenges that arise. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation, but kudos to the teachers and the management team at Ekya for all the preparation and the efforts they are put into designing the classes and the activities that kids can do together. We thank you for making this an enjoyable experience for our kids.


Miriam Korula

Mother of Claire Jacob and Nicole Jacob’s

Ekya Byrathi

Posted by Ekya

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