Your self-worth is defined by two things- the choices you make and your ability to accept your true nature. All of us have voices in our heads bombarding us every waking moment, but there is only one voice that always says the truth. Listen to this voice that is always loving, gentle, and kind even as it shows you your fallacies. This is the voice that stops you from using or abusing harmful substances, the voice that reminds you to switch off your phone and pick up your books. It gives you hints that your parents have your best interest at heart even as they reprimand you.

The source of this voice is where you get inspiration for your art, music, and poetry. It leads you to unique ideas that no one else has thought of or solutions to help out those in need.

Quiet your mind and seek out this voice when you need guidance and it will surely show up in some form or other.

Everyone has access to this voice. It is not a special gift bestowed upon a select group of people. All you need to do is be willing to listen without judgment.

Secondly, it requires patience and a calm mind. Allow your feelings, not thoughts, to come up. Our feelings and emotions are the gateways to this inner voice.

Harnessing this voice leads to greater joy and a sense of freedom. You feel safe. Any choice or decision you make from this guidance always feels good. You don’t feel the need to convince yourself.

Picture this- you are hanging out with your friends and you realise it is time to go home because you have a test tomorrow. But a tug of war starts within your head. Should I go home and study or should I stay here and have fun?

Scenario 1- you decide to override the voice that keeps reminding you to go and study. You start silencing it by convincing yourself that you can stay up a little longer at night to study. The voice protests but you keep shutting it down. You go home late, you get lectured by your parents about punctuality and responsibility and what not.

Scenario 2- you listen to the voice and head back home even though another voice wants you to have fun with your friends. But here the convincing becomes easy because the payoffs are better. By coming home on time you show that you are punctual, responsible, and can be trusted. This not only builds a better relationship with your parents but allows you to concentrate on your test better. This further leads to healthy self-confidence.

This voice is your intuition. It alerts you when there is danger, it gives spark to your imagination, and is always available to you within yourself.

Reflect back on your own life and see how many times your intuition served you well.

By, Sriveena J

Posted by Ekya

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