COVID- 19. This is the word we hear most often nowadays. We keep checking the news to know the condition of our country and at the same time, we wish the number of cases will not increase. I can say, we humans are optimistic and pessimistic. On a positive note, COVID- 19 taught us the importance of hygiene and how to have a hygienic life.

When I was a child, I enjoyed the nature like listening to the chirping of the birds, breathing clean and fresh air, seeing the sky with stars. I wanted my kids to experience such wonderful events. But I feel pollution and our lifestyle has killed it. To my surprise because of the lockdown we could see this now. I am glad to read the news that the ozone layer is finally healing itself.

One more point I would like to discuss here is about household chores and maids. Since the maids are also on leave, family members are helping each other. In fact, I got a chance to teach the household work to my kids and my husband too:)
Though it’s hard to live like this for maintaining social distance we should follow the guidelines given by our government. After all, we should understand that these rules are beneficial for us to fight against Corona.

Sravanthi Gardas
Mother of Purvi
Grade 4

Posted by Ekya

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