EVS Activity – Grow your own plant

Students of Grade 2 at Ekya ITPL were thrilled to see their plants grow in their own little coconut shells as a part of their EVS activity – “Grow your own plant”.  

/ July 6, 2015

Estimation activity in Math

The challenge in introducing estimation to preschoolers is that often times the children do not want to take a guess for fear of guessing wrong. Estimation activity therefore enables both teachers and children to respond by listening to their responses...

/ July 6, 2015

S.ST Activity : Grade III

Children of grade III learnt the importance of direction sand various landforms. It was an outdoor activity in the amphitheater which was filled with loads of exercise, fun and excitement.

/ July 4, 2015

Grade IV Science Activity – Food and Balanced diet

Healthy chaat/bhelpuri making activity for the chapter – Food and Balanced diet. The students of  grade 4 were taught the importance of understanding the food they eat everyday so that they eat nutrient packed food. Our young nutritionists made tasty...

/ July 4, 2015

PT Time Fun

PT hour  fun with a game of blind fold.  Ekya Schools Mail – content@ekyaschools.com

/ July 3, 2015

Student Activity

How different age groups reacted to our little visitor this morning.  

/ July 3, 2015

Performing Art Programe

The arts are a dynamic presence in our daily lives, enabling us to express our creativity while challenging our intellect. Performing art programe at Ekya is designed to stimulate and promote collaboration, self-management, creativity, problem solving and lateral thinking skills....

/ July 3, 2015

Geography Class On- Spot Presentation Activity

Spontaneity, resourcefulness and team work are important life skills every child needs to develop along with gaining knowledge.Students of grade VII got a chance to develop theses skills along with deepening their knowledge through a on the spot presentation with...

/ July 3, 2015


Children can be the best natural “copycats” around. They love to mimic and impersonate their parents, and want to become just like them. The girls will want to dress up and wear makeup like their mother, and the boys will typically want...

/ July 3, 2015

Gopalan Inter-School Music Competition Winners

Intra and Inter school competitions give students an opportunity to exhibit and enhance their skills in areas beyond academics.  Students are able to showcase their talents and skills and compete in a healthy way. Six of our students took part...

/ July 2, 2015