Festivals are an integral part of Indian traditions. Each festival has its own significance and a unique way to celebrate. It’s the Onam season, the harvest festival which also marks the celebration of the vibrant era of King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam.

The houses are decorated and entrances are beautifully designed with Pookalam, a kind of flower mat to welcome the King. Festive food with a variety of sweets commonly called as ‘Onam Sadya’ is relished by people of Kerala and others too.

Montessori students of Ekya School Byrathi celebrated Onam with full festivity. Students had come dressed in ethnic and festive clothing. They were informed about the significance of Onam Celebrations and stories related to Onam were narrated. Ms. Ramya, the class teacher of Montesori guided to students in designing beautiful Pookalam using fresh flowers


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