As parents, we all want our children to grow up knowledgeable and intelligent. This starts with providing them with a solid foundation in their early years, especially when it comes to education. One of the most fundamental aspects of early education is learning numbers and counting.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of teaching your kids number names and providing tips and resources to make the process easier.

Why is it Important to Teach Number Names for Kids?

Number Names - For Kids
Number names are the words that we use to represent numerical values. For example, one, two, three, and so on. Teaching kids number names is important for several reasons:

Better Understanding of Numbers: When children learn the number names, they can better understand the value of numbers. For example, they will know that “ten” represents the value of 10, and “twenty” represents the value of 20.

Improved Counting Skills: When children learn number names, it helps them count more accurately and efficiently.

Preparing for Mathematical Concepts: Number names lay the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts that children will learn in the future, such as addition and subtraction.

Communication Skills: Learning number names is an important aspect of language development. It helps children to communicate about quantities and express themselves mathematically.

How to teach kids number names?

Number Names - Teach Kids
Teaching number names to kids can be a fun and engaging experience for both children and parents. Below are a few suggestions that can aid in simplifying the process:

Use Visual Aids: Using visual aids like flashcards or charts can be a helpful way to teach number names to children.

Sing Songs and Rhymes: Children love music, and singing songs and rhymes that involve number names can be a fun and effective way to help them learn.

Play Games: Games like “I Spy” or “What Comes Next?” Engaging children while teaching them number names can be an enjoyable approach.

Use Everyday Experiences: Incorporating number names into everyday experiences like counting toys or snacks can help children learn practically and meaningfully.

Explore the range of Numbers from 1 to 100 along with their corresponding Number Names

Discover the English number names from 1 to 100 and empower children to convert names into numbers. Join us on an exciting journey of numerical exploration and language development.

1 = One2 = Two3 = Three4 = Four5 = Five
6 = Six 7 = Seven8 = Eight9 = Nine10 = Ten
11 = Eleven12 = Twelve13 = Thirteen14 = Fourteen15 = Fifteen
16 = Sixteen17 = Seventeen18 = Eighteen19 = Nineteen20 = Twenty
21 = Twenty-one22 = Twenty-two23 = Twenty-three24 = Twenty-four25 = Twenty-five
26 = Twenty-six27 = Twenty-seven28 = Twenty-eight29 = Twenty-nine30 = Thirty
31 = Thirty-one32 = Thirty-two33 = Thirty-three34 = Thirty-four35 = Thirty-five
36 = Thirty-six37 = Thirty-seven38 = Thirty-eight39 = Thirty-nine40 = Forty
41 = Forty-one42 = Forty-two43 = Forty-three44 = Forty-four45 = Forty-five
46 = Forty-six47 = Forty-seven48 = Forty-eight49 = Forty-nine50 = Fifty
51 = Fifty-one52 = Fifty-two53 = Fifty-three54 = Fifty-four55 = Fifty-five
56 = Fifty-six57 = Fifty-seven58 = Fifty-eight59 = Fifty-nine60 = Sixty
61 = Sixty-one62 = Sixty-two63 = Sixty-three64 = Sixty-four65 = Sixty-five
66 = Sixty-six67 = Sixty-seven68 = Sixty-eight69 = Sixty-nine70 = Seventy
71 = Seventy-one72 = Seventy-two73 = Seventy-three74 = Seventy-four75 = Seventy-five
76 = Seventy-six77 = Seventy-seven78 = Seventy-eight79 = Seventy-nine80 = Eighty
81 = Eighty-one82 = Eighty-two83 = Eighty-three84 = Eighty-four85 = Eighty-five
86 = Eighty-six87 = Eighty-seven88 = Eighty-eight89 = Eighty-nine90 = Ninety
91 = Ninety-one92 = Ninety-two93 = Ninety-three94 = Ninety-four95 = Ninety-five
96 = Ninety- six97 = Ninety-seven98 = Ninety-eight99 = Ninety-nine100 = Hundred

Discover a comprehensive list of mathematical number names and ordinal number names from 1 to 20. 

Enhance your mathematical vocabulary and understanding of ordinal numbers with this valuable resource.

Number (in Digits)Maths Number NamesOrdinal Number Names

Resources to help teach kids number names

Number Names - Resources to teach kids
There are many resources available to help teach kids number names, including:

Books: There are many books available that focus on teaching number names to children, such as “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss.

Online Resources: There are numerous online resources available to help teach number names to children, including videos and interactive games.

Educational Apps: There are many educational apps available that focus on teaching number names to children, such as “Endless Numbers” and “Todo Math”.

Ekya Schools: The Perfect Place to Teach Your Kids Number Names

If you are looking for a school that prioritises early education and provides a solid foundation for your child’s future, Ekya Schools is an excellent choice. Ekya Schools is a group of Montessori and kindergarten schools in Bangalore that focuses on providing quality education for children in their early years.

Ekya Schools use a unique approach to early education that focuses on experiential learning, which involves learning through hands-on experiences and real-life situations. This approach is highly effective for teaching children number names, as it allows them to learn in a practical and meaningful way.


Teaching kids number name is an essential aspect of early education. By using fun and engaging teaching methods and resources, parents can help their children to learn number names more easily and effectively. Ekya Schools provides an excellent environment for children to learn number names and other important concepts in their early years.

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