Before I get started on Ekya School, I would like to tell a little bit about myself. I was living in a foreign country for seven years. I was told that studies were tougher in India. It was then that I got worried. When I started going to Ekya, I was warmly welcomed by the teachers and my classmates. This made me feel comfortable with everyone. Ekya has a good environment for learning. They emphasize greatly on the positive learning experiences of the students. It would benefit every student. It is a nurturing environment. I came to Ekya because I felt there was something special and positive about it .The teaching method is good and it helps students learn new concepts in a creative way. The teachers are helpful and friendly. They take the time to explain things that we do not understand. Students are happy here. Every student here is unique and has the potential to become very successful. The house group concept was new to me since there were no houses in the school in the country where I came from.

There are house wise competitions, intra-school competitions and inter-school competitions. There are basketball matches, throw ball matches, rangoli making competitions and vegetable carving to name a few. This school has a lot of opportunities and will help many students showcase their hidden talents. I am happy to be in Ekya.

Nidhi A Kulkarni

Grade 5 ‘A’  

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