Volcanoes are often thought of as terrifying, harmful and destructive. But none of us ever think of its beauty and majestic atmosphere. One of our students, Jahnavi Rajesh of Grade IX, Ekya School JP Nagar, has written a poem with a fun take on the volcanoes’ significance. Whether it leaves you trembling or erupting with laughter or tears, we hope you like it…

Whoever knew that a volcano had feelings…

Hey! I’m a volcano,

Terrifying right?

But if you ever see me,

you’ll marvel at the sight…

I got that pyroclastic flow

And hair that can glow,

I’m the almighty creator

And the evil destroyer.

Sills, dykes and craters

All call for adventure

People just don’t know

How far to venture

Humans say “talking from the heart”

I’d rather say ” venting it out”

Check your seismic charts if

You want to get out…

Alive…or not

It’s way too hot,

There’s too much steam.

Oh no! Excuse me! Pardon me..

I didn’t know that a sneeze

Could cause such a breeze.

I know that there’s a tiny difference


But honestly

I’m telling you the truth.

A witches cauldron

A malicious inferno

A beast? I’m done

I’m taking a nap

That’ll be done in a snap

And just before that

I’ll wipe my feet on the “door-mant”😉



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