Monday Morning

My Monday morning started like this,

I woke up in the morning 

To find my father pulling me out of bed

Waking up early was surely not my strength

So as I trudged downstairs like a zombie

I rammed my nose on the wall!

Ow! I screamed and went to take  a shower

And just after I turned on the shower,

Coldwater came gushing down!

Brrrr!! I grumbled on my ridiculous bad luck

So as I went to dress up,

My mom told me to hurry up!

As I fumbled into my uniform,

I found out I wore it the other way round

Just as I was to eat my breakfast

The sound of my bus s honk came

I hogged my food and ran

Only to find out- the bus had already left!

Aaargh!!! I screamed grumbling on my Monday morning.

by Rohit Maiyya, Grade 6A, Ekya School JP Nagar

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