Field trip to Bangalore National Art Gallery

Art is one of the most graceful, intricate and sophisticated forms of expressing one’s thoughts and senses. We, the students of Grade 8, were able to experience this pleasure during our visit to the Bangalore National Art gallery. It is one amongst the three art heritage sites in India, the other two being in Mumbai and Delhi.

Art may be interpreted and viewed through different perspectives. We noticed that each and every painting, be it of Abanindranath Tagore or Haren Das, had its very own specialty and uniqueness. Art can also serve as a source of history if it vividly describes the culture and situation of the time in which it was made.

We saw artwork depicting several Indian historical contexts, not excluding turmoil and triumphs. We also had an interactive session with the gallery’s curator who asked us a few questions regarding our takeaway. She even noticed me sketching a face and appreciated my work.

I managed to interpret these masterpieces despite not knowing the artist’s perspective. My classmates have always admired my art but this experience has clearly expanded the boundaries of my art. It has been a one in a million unforgettable experience. To summarise my experience; it was absolutely mind-blowing.

by Vipin V Lokesh – 8 ‘A’, Ekya School, JP Nagar.

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