This poem “Make It Green” is a cry from nature, an awakening for all of us to stop destroying our planet. Written by Misha Raichandani of Grade VII A, Ekya School JP Nagar, it talks about our negligent attitude towards nature and how we can try to save it.

Lives are crying because it’s not clean
Earth is dying because it’s no longer green.
Earth is our dear Mother, don’t pollute it
She gives us food and shelter, just salute it.
With global warming, it’s in danger
Let’s save it by becoming a stronger ranger.
With dying trees and animals, it’s in sorrow
Make green today and green tomorrow.
With melting snow, one day it will sink
How can we save it, just think?
Trees are precious, preserve them
Water is a treasure, reserve it.
Grow more trees, make Mother Earth green
Reduce pollution and make her once again QUEEN.

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