On this feature of Poets of Ekya, Trishika Kiran Rao from Grade X, Ekya School JP Nagar pens her thoughts on life and its journey of ups and downs.

If only life was simple
Without its ups and downs,
A smooth, normal journey,
Never tumbling to the ground.

Only filled with good things
With an abundance of happiness
Sans double-crossing and cheating,
A world filled with kindness.

However, one day it struck me
As I sat deep in thought
What kind of life would this be
Without everything its got?

What is life without tears?
One with nothing to learn
One where mistakes aren’t corrected
One with no success to earn.

One with no special bonds,
Where everyone hides their fears.
For the true colours of a person comes to light
Only when he shows the world his tears.

What is life without hope?
One with nothing to look forward to,
One with nothing to wake up to,
One with nothing left to do.

One with nothing to fight for,
With no reason to move on
Because a person living without hope
Is as good as gone.


Trishika Kiran Rao
Grade X
Ekya School JP Nagar

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