‘The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth’ – John F Kennedy. 

The academic year 2018-19 was eventful and truly memorable at Ekya School JP Nagar. The students of Grades 1 to 8 showcased all that they have learned in Term 2 across all areas of curriculum, co-curricular programs, intra and inter-school competitions, after-school programs and club activities. Their creativity was enhanced to the fullest on account of the various events that took place throughout the year, ranging from sports, cultural, art and literature to life skills.

Visual Arts Club – Students displayed their work on handloom weaving: the practice of weaving cloth and tapestry. It is a labour intensive (intensive hand-movement) and a meditative process. Students were provided with a wooden frame, and cotton yarn to work with. They started off by preparing the base for weaving, make a basic checked pattern and then progressed to geometric patterns of their choice.

Debate Club students displayed written articles where they had put forth their thoughts on their learning throughout the year.

ICT Club – Students built an Educational game such as helping young kids with Math and English, teaching Indian Geography etc, Quiz on different subjects. They displayed their work with a lot of zeal to the parents.

Students of PA club showcased Rangana Kolu and Bagu Kolu dance forms, the traditional folk dance of the state of Karnataka. It is performed with coloured sticks and usually involves both men and women dancing together.

Students from the ‘Editorial Club’ showcased their talent in the ‘Meet the Author’ session held at the school library. Our budding authors narrated their literary works i.e. short stories and poems. It was a great opportunity for the students to present their ideas as well as sharpen their writing skills. During the event, the first time authors unfolded their stories, shared insights on what inspired them to take the first step in their journey of writing. The energy and efforts were very well demonstrated through the narration of stories and are a testimony of their confidence. Each one read a part of their short stories followed by feedback from parents. The affirmations received on the event gave motivation to every individual to achieve greater heights.

The students of Grades 5 to 9 organised the Fundraiser event. They had worked meticulously for the last few months, making handmade art and craft items and other utility articles which were put on sale. Parents and students treated their taste buds with some delicacies prepared by the staff and students. The proceeds of the Fundraiser event will be directed in sponsoring the education of girls of Grades 6 to 10, studying in St. Anthony’s School, Banashankari, under the care of the Calvary Chapel Trust. The Calvary Chapel Trust is a child care institution providing education and a family environment to HIV infected and affected children.

A wide range of after-school activity has been planned for the next academic year 2019-20. Vendor showcase for the same also took place parallelly for parents and students.

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