Our students had embarked on an exciting journey of learning in Term 1 and showcased all that they have learned, across all areas of the curriculum, co-curricular programs, after school activities, club activities, and service-learning. Every classroom had a wonderful display of all the learning which happened throughout the term. The eager students presented their learning to their parents with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

Students were informative and confident about their classwork and the topics. Each subject was very well explained. The Learning Showcase put a spotlight on students as they demonstrated their skills in the different learning areas.

Here is a glimpse of the various learning areas at JP Nagar Campus.


And here is an interesting update on the Learning Showcase by Mahashree G Das, Grade 7, Ekya School JP Nagar

Progress Report Day? Nah, Here at Ekya We Call It Learning Showcase 

Learning Showcase at Ekya is an important day when we invite the parents to see our showcase of learning and present the way in which we learn (basically try and answer the 4Ws and 1H parents have.) The corridors of Ekya were noisy with the buzz of amazed parents and children, excited to show their parents what they had learned, done or contributed to. Each parent was either surprised or pleased by the unique and simple methods we use even to teach the most complex subjects and topics. Many of the parents couldn’t help but exclaim “Wow! I wish I could start learning again”, after seeing our little presentation.

One of the most unique parts was the display of various after school activities. There was the basketball display in the amphitheater, karate in the mini-amphitheater, and the different after school activities in varying locations in the school.

Even the quietest place in the school, our library, was also filled with activities. What if I told you that even the library was made fun with games relating to books and a photo booth. Yup, all this and more in the library.


At the end of the session, the feedback board was filled with affirmations and appreciations. All in all the Learning Showcase was a huge success thanks to the relentless toil of both the groups, the teachers and students.

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