“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – James Howell’s most famous quote points out how important hobbies are. Hobbies provide a fulfilling, productive use of our free time and often keeps our lives grounded. When we invest time in our favourite hobby, we are investing in self-care. More often than not, when we are caught up in the rat race, our hobbies bring that peace and calmness that we so desperately desire.

When we focus on self-care, we bloom and flourish. What better way than investing time in a hobby – a hobby that brings us joy, a hobby that enriches our lives and a hobby that teaches us new skills.

Here are five reasons why investing in a hobby is a good decision:

Helps improve our mental health and happiness: When we do something we love, there is positivity in us. We are happy and our mental health is at its peak. We bring radiance to all around us.

Increases confidence and self-esteem: When we enjoy and love something that we do, most often we are good at it. This brings confidence and boots self-esteem in us.

Makes us patient: When we learn a new hobby, we are learning a new skill. Every learning that we get, we go through a learning process and curve. No one is perfect and hence we need to be patient to acquire the skill.

Develops new skills and increases knowledge: Learning a new hobby leads to developing new skills – sometimes we will be shocked at what we can do. It also increases our knowledge as we develop our skills.

Helps us socialize: Human beings are social animals. We love interacting with other people. It brings a balance in our lives and what better than a hobby that we love!

No matter what we do or what we learn, it is important that we invest time in something we love – there is no use in doing something that we personally don’t enjoy. Hobbies are meant to be activities that bring us joy and make us happy!

By Ms. Rupjyoti Dowerah
Senior School Social Science Teacher
Ekya School JP Nagar

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