This time in Ekya School, JP Nagar we had a Triwizard tournament. Yes for real! I am not kidding! The only difference was that instead of wands, dragons, mazes, Voldemort showing up uninvited we had throw balls, nets, and commentators.

On 11th of February, 2020 Ekya School, JP Nagar opened its doors and hearts wide to welcome its two other branches, BTM and ITPL along with CMRNPS for a Throw Ball Tournament between the schools.

The hallways of our School were filled with excited students peering towards the ground in order to get a glimpse of the match but unfortunately, as we had classes we could not do that. However, there is a catch my friend. Thanks to the amazing commentary by Nihal and Sutej, the ones who could not view the match knew what was going on.

Before I tell you the results of the Intra School Throw Ball tournament results, I need to say, all four campuses had put in a lot of effort and proved that in the way they gave a tough competition to each other.

There were two categories of the tournament Under 11 girls (Grades 5 and 6) and Under 13 girls (Grades 7 and 8). The first match was between Ekya JP Nagar and Ekya BTM Layout and then followed by CMRNPS and Ekya ITPL. In the finals, Ekya JP Nagar played against Ekya ITPL (under 13 categories) and Ekya JP Nagar against Ekya BTM Layout (under 11 categories).

The winners of both the categories of this tournament were team Ekya JP Nagar lead by captain Parmita Vijay (under 13) and Dhrishya Mohan Reddy (under 11).

The best player position was given to Ananya Sharma of Ekya ITPL (under 13) and Natasha Chethan of Ekya JP Nagar (Under 11).

By Mahashree G Das,

Grade 7A, Ekya School JP Nagar

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