‘Good players, inspire themselves, great players, inspire others’

National Sports Day was celebrated virtually on the 29th August at Ekya School, Byrathi. The birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, an Indian field hockey player is celebrated and his contributions to sport are remembered on this day. In India’s rich sporting history, the exemplary figure of Dhyan Chand Singh clearly cuts out a mark for himself. Born in the city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh on 29th August 1905, Singh was regarded as a prodigy in the field of hockey. During his years as a professional hockey player, Singh won the Olympic gold medal on three occasions- 1928, 1932, and 1936, cementing his position in the pages of history. The above-mentioned information was shared with students to impress upon them the significance of the day.

The virtual celebrations commenced with an address by our Head of School on sports being an integral part of life and good sportsmanship followed by various student events. This was the first time during this academic session, students from Montessori to Grade 8 came together for this virtual meet. Students were allotted a breakout session with their respective class groups and each group was assigned an activity.

Students of the Montessori class worked on a digital coloring activity. Coloring pages related to sports and sportspeople were assigned through a website – www.online-colouring.com. Students used coloring options and brought images to life during this activity. Students had dressed up as famous sports personalities and recorded videos on the same, this was compiled and played during the session, to mention a few, Tanish Ayur was dressed as Major Dhyan Chand, Avyaan as Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Runav as Sachin Tendulkar.

Grade 1 was divided into 2 groups and created posters on indoor and outdoor sports in their respective groups. Students were actively engaged in looking for fun facts about their favourite sport to create simple yet beautiful designs. Agastya made an expressive poster on the game snake and ladder in which he had mentioned the Indian name – Mokshapatam and the rules of the game. Shanhvi mentioned a game called Othello which she often plays with her family and added that she believes one becomes smarter by playing this game! Naman made a poster of 4 indoor sports that he likes – Carrom Board, Chess, Ludo, and Uno. Children enjoyed the session while creating interesting posters and getting to know interesting facts about different sports.

The  Students of Grade 2 were given a collage-making activity on the topic, ‘How do Sports keep us healthy and fit’. Aarav Kumar, Shirish Gowda, Chris Melque, Siddhi Ajay Kalro, Hasan Ghadially, Tarika Thimmaiah, Shivang Deviah, and Mohammed Daniyal created digital poster collages using the Canva app. One of the students mentioned his interest in playing football while the others created informative posters on how sports keep them fit and healthy. The posters were fantastic and colorful and depicted the significance of the topic. 

The students created collage of victories of sports such as Cricket, Tennis, Shooting, Archery, Athletics and Paralympics. Advika Appaiah titled her poster as ‘Let’s Cheer, it’s a big game!’ whereas Avishai Gideon titled  the collage as ‘India Soaring High’, Claire Jacob named hers as  ‘Reach for the gold like our Heroes’ with a hashtag of believe in yourself, Kabir Bassnett’s work was represented as  ‘India’s Sportsmanship’ and Tejaswini Valaboju’s was named as  ‘Sports over time.’ 

The Students of Grade 4 had worked on a video titled, ‘Importance and Benefits of Sports’. Each student had chosen one particular game to speak about and highlighted the importance/benefits of the same. This video was compiled and played during the virtual session. Apart from this, Grade 4 was divided into groups of three to work on PowerPoint presentations on sports-related topics such as how to avoid injury when playing Cricket, the influence of Football lessons on student memory, the difference between sports nutrition and regular nutrition, and the benefits of team sports.

The Students of Grade 5-8 participated in a Debate Competition in their respective house groups. The house groups Jal and Vayu argued for and against the topic, ‘Should games be decided on penalty shots?’ and house groups Bhoomi and Agni reasoned for and against the topic, ‘Are the Olympics important?’. 

All the teams asserted their cases based on a lot of research and statistical information. Some important points that came up included a brief background of penalty shootouts, an argument on whether penalty shots were skill or luck, the spectator’s love for penalty shots and facts from the past. The second topic under discussion called to attention the disadvantages, problems, expenses that a Country must face while hosting the Olympics and if it really is worth all that trouble. The Debate session helped nurture in students the spirit of healthy competition. Team Jal and Team Agni secured the first and second positions respectively.

The celebration highlighted the overall importance of sports and nudged Students in realizing the necessity of sporting activities in maintaining a healthy and fit body. The spirit of healthy competition was encouraged through the various activities organized.

It was indeed a time of celebration and learning!

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