At Ekya Schools and CMR K-12, we have always believed in serving the needs of our students, and our teachers. During this unprecedented time of trying to keep teaching and learning during a global pandemic, our teachers, school leadership and Head Office teams have been working around the clock to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality, engaging lessons to our students. We are lucky to have always had the online infrastructure to conduct a lot of work online. We have been using cloud-based services for lesson planning and record-keeping for many years. Apart from this, we were also fortunate to already have a Learning Management System to manage online learning experiences for both students and teachers.
However, moving all our operations online still required preparation and a mindset shift on all our parts. Before beginning online sessions with students, we designed sessions to help teachers experience and understand online learning pedagogy.  We did this by creating an online course to demonstrate best practices in online learning and enrolled our teachers in it. This was reviewed with a call to discuss the next steps and set basic guidelines. We wanted to ensure that they felt supported and prepared to meet the needs of the students. Our teachers then put in a tremendous effort to plan their lessons, and they have already begun rolling out effective online learning to their students.
As part of the personal and professional growth plans of our adults, we have several activities that occur cyclically throughout the year. Part of this includes individual and group reflection exercises. These reflection and mentoring conversations have also moved entirely online. In this way, teachers are continuing to get the support they need to reflect on the year that has gone by and plan for the upcoming year.
These are unprecedented times. The evolving nature of the guidelines around this pandemic has made it quite difficult for many of us to navigate full-time work (from home) and full-time child-care. We are so proud of the strides each and every one of our teachers and families is making to ensure that learning continues to happen and that our children’s needs – physical, emotional and academic are being met. We are in awe of the way all of you, and especially our students, are adapting to this new model of learning. We want to assure you of our constant support through these trying times.

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