I’m On The Radio

Everybody listens to the radio, right? Well, now imagine listening to your own self on the radio along with millions of other listeners. I’ve been there, not in imagination but actually experiencing it!

I got lucky when my school’s Vice Principal,  Ms. Ayesha, told me that I shall be interviewed on Radio One-94.3 as part of their programme “ In the Classroom”.  In this programme, the radio jockey would interview Ekya students on various aspects of our school, including its culture. I was so excited and could hardly wait!

My class teacher, Ms. Aarthi, had also accompanied me for a teacher’s interview on teaching Science at Ekya. I was relieved to know that it was not just me alone to be interviewed but had the support of a teacher who was close to me. We left at 11:20 AM from the school premises in a cab. I rehearsed all the points in my head while we were in the cab and was really nervous as it was my first time on the radio. Thanks to my teacher for her moral support that I felt more relaxed. At the radio station, we met Kavya, from Ekya School ITPL and Ms. Manisha from Ekya Learning Centre who would be interviewed for the same programme. The radio staff were really welcoming and served me a cup of hot chocolate!

After lunch and fixing up some of the interview questions, we met RJ. Jane. She was such a jolly and kind sort of person that we all immediately liked her. We then went into the recording station at the corner of the office and in turn, had different corridors leading to different other recording rooms. It was amazing to know that all the walls were soundproof! It was freezing inside the room and it was actually pretty small than I had pictured it to be. Kavya went first and her topic was “English at Ekya”. I watched how Jane remained calm and composed even when there were minor hiccups with her lines. I realised that mistakes were a part of the job and can be worked upon.

When it was my turn, I was prepared but also kind of edgy. Jane asked me about 6 questions like “How we start a day at Ekya?” and “How our school’s library was?”. I think I did a good job answering them. In the beginning,  I was thinking about all sorts of ways to make my answers more fascinating, then gradually I just got the hang of it and it went off like a normal, fun conversation. In the end, everything went really smooth and I was relaxed.

Later next week, I heard myself on air.  It was amazing and I felt so proud of myself. It was breathtaking to hear myself speak so confidently. I don’t think children at a young age get to experience what I just did. This wouldn’t have been possible if I weren’t an Ekya student. This opportunity was immensely rewarding for me. If someone asked me if I would like to go again, then I certainly would say a big “Yes!”

Most of all, this experience has refined my public speaking skills and taught me to break my barriers. Thank you Ekya for this unbelievable experience.

Misha Raichandani, Grade VII, Ekya School JP Nagar

Do you want to hear Misha and the rest of Ekya On Air? 

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